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Why should you become an affiliate?


1) Increase class engagement of your members by adding competition into their training regime.


2) Foster the community within your studio/gym/box by providing a platform for your members to compete against one another. 


3) Additional revenue streams via affiliate fee, apparel sales & in-house fitness competitions.


What do you get from being an affiliate?


1) 30% of monthly membership fee from members of your studio/box/gym. 


2) Promotion of studio across our social media platforms 


3) In-house 'TAC' fitness competition (profit share) 


4) TAC branded materials 


5) TAC apparel at a wholesale price


What is required of you?


1) Sign up at least 20 members to the collective 


How does it work?


1) Introduce the collective to your members 


2) Instruct them to place your name in the 'affiliate' box when signing up


3) Sit back & relax


Next steps...


1) Fill out the form below


2) We will send you the various promotional materials 


3) Begin signing up members. 



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